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Makeup and ‘natural beauty’ are not mutually exclusive. In fact, I truly believe that makeup can support an expression of your best, most confident self. Which is why I focus on makeup as a tool to amplify inner radiance. Because when you feel confident, you glow. When you feel beautiful, it shows - and that is the true definition of natural beauty.
Amelie trying lipstick on her hand Lesson about eyeshadow

Makeup Lessons

Timeless makeup that works in harmony with your own beauty

My services have been designed to empower you with knowledge and confidence in choosing and applying the right products for your skin, your lifestyle and your own definition of beauty.
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Bite size lesson

Confidence, mastered
duration icon
1h20min in person
Demo + hands on practice icon
Demo + hands on practice
Simplified follow up icon
Simplified follow up
Get personalised guidance to master a particular makeup skill that enhances your favourite features. I’ll walk through specific techniques, tools and tailored product recommendations, and give you time to refine your application skills yourself. Choose the focus of your session:

  • Base makeup
  • Eye makeup
  • Lipstick
  • Smokey eye
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Elevate & Radiate

Nurtured skin, enhanced naturally
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2 sessions
Up to 2.5 hours each
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Skin analysis
Makeup demonstration icon
Makeup demonstration
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Skin education
Hands on practice time icon
Hands on practice time
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Skin care discovery
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Edited video of your makeup lesson
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Taylored follow-up for both
The only makeup lesson you’ll ever need. You’ll get personalised guidance and education, tailored to your skin and your objectives. With hands-on practice, you’ll leave feeling confident in applying beautifully natural looks that can be created using the time and tools you have access to, every day. What’s more, you’ll receive a video of your makeup lesson so that you can continue to practice and refine your skills!
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Group lesson

A celebration of beauty
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3 hours session
Up to 4 people icon
Up to 4 people
Demo + hands on practice icon
Demo + hands on practice
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Fun bonding experience
Simplified follow up icon
Simplified follow up
Get your friends together for a group glow-up. Over 3 hours you’ll observe a makeup demonstration, before having hands-on time to put your new knowledge into practice. Ideal for hens dos, team building, or just a special shared experience as you embrace your own style and celebrate each other’s unique definition of beauty!

My approach

I look at makeup in a very unique way, reading a face the same way any picture or photo is. It’s an innate human trait to read a face to establish certain judgements. The more even-toned and symmetrical a face is, the healthier, more rested, or more trustworthy we appear. However, I am not here to erase you. Your skin, your features, your freckles, lines, and marks are the map of you. Who you are, how you got here. That’s beauty right there.

When I look at you, I will not be looking for what doesn’t match today’s beauty criteria. I will be looking for what is your own pure beauty. I ask you what you like most and least about yourself so we can enhance what you want to bring to the forefront and recess what makes you feel self-conscious.

Result of Amelie's makeup work. Natural makeup black women

You do not need to know all the techniques for every face on earth. You need and want to know the techniques that are the right ones and that will work for your face. That’s what I am here for.

We’ll slightly trick the eye in making your eyes look even, your eyebrows at the same height, the hump on your nose more discreet (should that matter to you) ... but we will do this by showcasing what YOU want to put forward.
Not by erasing you.

Amelies makeup brushes

Support your values

I value transparency and sustainability. As a good to know, all skincare products are clean, from New Zealand or Australian-made skincare brands, with 99% coming from women-owned companies. I also do not stock products, which means that when you come in for your skin rendez-vous, the contract between you and me is the following:
You will get an outstanding, luxe, cocooning experience and at the end, I will ask you if you’d like to come again, talk about the service option I know is the best fit for you and that’s it. I will never put you on the spot to buy products.

Advocating for a better beauty industry

I know that lifestyles, personal priorities and skin all change. But for most of us, what remains true is values. We’re seeking better choices - for our families, for ourselves, and for our planet. Which is why I advocate for clean, conscious beauty products that support the needs of your skin in a healthy, non-toxic way, no matter your age or stage.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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