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Clean Beauty & Confidence Coach

More than a makeup artist, I’m here to be your guide and your cheerleader as you rediscover, embrace and honour your own natural beauty.

It’s a privilege to support people at all stages of their life to feel seen, to feel beautiful and to feel confident. I love the power that makeup has to enhance the beauty that already exists within us so that it reflects an expression of our true self.

My own journey in the beauty industry began with graduation from beauty school (Centre Européen de l'Esthétique) with high honours in 2015, followed by a hair and makeup tertiary qualification from Acte Académie in 2017. Since then, I’ve developed and refined my skills across movie sets, TV shows, photoshoots and in stores and spas, meeting a diversity of faces along the way that remind me that there is not one singular definition of beauty.

Today, I am motivated to help others see and celebrate their favourite version of themselves through the use of ethical, clean and sustainable products that don’t harm our bodies, or our planet. Like you, I’m conscious of the choices I make for myself, my family and the world around me. My journey into motherhood has amplified my desire to leave a lighter footprint and be accountable to the generation who will inherit the outcomes of today’s decisions.

My hope is that through education, inspiration and conversations around clean beauty, we can collectively create momentum for impactful change within the industry.
The cocoon, with its makeup station and massage table, cozy ambiance

The Cocoon

This is a space to be present, an opportunity to retreat from the outside world and focus on your own inner sanctuary, connecting with self and indulging in stillness.
In the heart of Hurdon, New Plymouth, this purpose-built space is where the focus is on you. Where you can be open, vulnerable and feel safe as you explore your own sense of beauty. Where you’ll feel cocooned in a sense of wellness, luxury and beauty!

Considered in its design, and imbibed with the energy of positive affirmations in its foundations, your physical journey here is experienced in the shape of an infinity sign, a reflection of the infinite amount of strength, love and resilience in each of us. A lot of care and energy has gone into creating a space that is not only functional in design, but that truly feels welcoming and nurturing, whatever your reason for being here.
I can’t wait to welcome you!
Clémence photo

“Amélie is not just a makeup player, she’s an expert! Her deep knowledge and understanding of skin and beauty are still bringing such a value in my daily life, years after our appointment.”


It takes a village

Creating this business has taken a long time and a lot of dedication. It’s taken over 3 years to get to what you see and experience today. Determination alone isn’t enough. I was lucky enough to be able to bring in amazing individuals, mostly women, to help me along the way. It’s only fair to showcase them here! I chose to work with them because our values align on many levels and I love supporting women in business.
Out of this world business coach:
The Marketing Collective
Rose, Hailey and Kyra
Thoughtful social networks managers:
Rose, Hailey and Kyra
The Creatives
Outstanding UX/UI designer:
Loving husband/developer:
Shannon, Shelley and Kat
Kind-hearted accountants:
Shannon, Shelley and Kat
My Mobile Accountant
Inspired copywriter:
Mark My Words
Nurturing pricing coach:
Natalie Coombe
Belinda and Sarah
Passionate interior designers:
Belinda and Sarah
Belhams Interiors
Amazing family and friends
Le Anna photo

“Amelie creates a really relaxing atmosphere within her home, a blissful escape from reality.”

Le Anna
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